Utopia posible


Duration: 43:50 minutes

In 1961 Fidel Castro and Che Guevara envisioned the creation of an art school complex to be located on the grounds of an exclusive country club in Havana. Among the group of architects commissioned to do the project was Roberto Gottardi. He was in charge of designing the school of dramatic arts. The construction of this school was interrupted in 1965. Even though it functions as a dramatic art school It remains unfinished to this day missing the center element in what the design concept of the school is based: The theater. In 1999 the Cuban government decided to re-evaluate the school’s conditions, to restore and finish them. Then Mr. Gottardi was ask for a plan to finish it more than 40 years later. Shot mainly in the school and at the architect studio the video documents a dialog between an objective witness of a creative process and the architect struggling against time and bureaucracy to conclude a building whose destiny seems to be to remain unfinished.